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In March 2024, a captivating transformation is set to unfold in the culinary landscape of Mayfair. The advent of NIJU – Japanese Grill & Sushi Bar, brought to you by Creative Restaurant Group, heralds an exciting new chapter in gastronomic indulgence. Also, this latest venture promises an immersive dining experience, rich in Japanese tradition and innovation. In fact, it nestles within the vibrant Berkeley Street locale.

A Taste of Japanese Tradition

At the heart of NIJU lies its namesake, meaning ’20’ in Japanese, paying homage to its distinguished address. As a matter of fact, this culinary sanctuary embodies the essence of ‘Katei Ryori’ – the art of home-cooked Japanese cuisine, reimagined in a setting that marries informality with opulence. NIJU’s ethos revolves around ingredient-centric gastronomy, as well as embracing seasonal bounty and culinary ingenuity.

Japanese Culinary at NIJU

Under the expert guidance of Creative’s Culinary Director, Chef Endo Kazutoshi, NIJU’s culinary narrative unfolds with tantalizing promise. Moreover, Chef Endo, a maestro of sushi with a lineage steeped in tradition, has meticulously curated a menu that showcases his mastery and introduces new culinary horizons. Futhermore, Head Chef Chris Golding and Head Sushi Chef David Bury, esteemed collaborators from Creative’s acclaimed SUMI, join forces to orchestrate a symphony of flavors that transcend boundaries.

An Exquisite Hideaway Experience

Nipperkin, the clandestine jewel adjoined to NIJU, beckons discerning patrons with its bespoke libations and intimate ambiance. Revel in the artistry of mixology as expertly crafted cocktails mingle with Japanese-inspired Sandos. Therefore, the bar is creating an unforgettable sensory journey.

Reserve a spot at NIJU Today

As the anticipation mounts,  reservations for NIJU went live on 4th of March 2024. Immerse yourself in the allure of Japanese gastronomy, where every dish tells a story and every sip is a revelation.

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