Annabel’s Unveils 2023 Halloween Façade: Horrors of Venetian Carnival


24th October – 31st October 2023

London, UK – Annabel’s, the iconic private Members’ Club in Mayfair, is about to embark on another spellbinding journey for Halloween. This year, they’re transporting Members and onlookers alike to the heart of the Venetian carnival with a mesmerizing façade that promises to leave a lasting impression.

A Venetian Carnival Extravaganza

Dominating Berkeley Square, a grand hand-carved Venetian mask with eerie animated eyes stands sentinel, casting an enigmatic aura upon passersby. It’s a spectacle that seamlessly weaves together the mystique of medieval traditions with the spine-tingling allure of Halloween.

Continual Tradition of Spectacular Facades

In a tradition of creating awe-inspiring facades, Annabel’s has previously captivated audiences with installations like ‘Invasion Planet Earth’, ‘Circus of Horrors, and a tribute to ‘Game of Thrones’. Each year, the club strives to outdo itself, and this year’s Venetian-inspired creation promises to be no exception.

Witness the Unveiling

On Tuesday, 24th October, Annabel’s team have scheduled the unveiling for 1 PM.  Make sure to head to Annabel’s at 46 Berkeley Square, London W1J 5AT, to witness this masterpiece.

About Annabel’s

Annabel’s is a place where the art of hosting and being hosted reaches its zenith. And offering an atmosphere that’s as unforgettable as it is celebratory. More than just a private members’ club, it’s a sanctuary for entertainment.

A Legacy of Luxury and Entertainment

With an exquisite blend of comfort, glamour, and intimacy, Annabel’s offers an atmosphere that’s as unforgettable as it is celebratory. It caters to a diverse, eclectic, and cosmopolitan membership, drawing individuals who seek the finest experiences.

Renowned Worldwide

Moreover, the club’s reputation is built upon impeccable service and exceptional cuisine. Additionally, an events calendar is second to none. In 2018, Annabel’s – A Private Members Club opened the doors to its much-anticipated new home—a Grade I listed Georgian mansion at 46 Berkeley Square. This year marks Annabel’s 60th anniversary of excellence, setting the stage for countless more unforgettable moments in the years to come.


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