Roji Mayfair


Japanese, Sushi

56B S Molton St, London,


Roji is a small and intimate Japanese restaurant located in Mayfair, London, run by a husband and wife chef team. With only 10 seats, Roji offers a cozy and personalized dining experience, where the chefs prepare an Omakase menu, or ‘chef’s choice’ of dishes for guests.

The restaurant’s menu is inspired by seasonal ingredients, with a focus on using locally sourced British or European fish, meat and vegetables. This ensures that the dishes are always fresh and flavorful and that guests can experience the best of what the season has to offer.

Overall, Roji provides a unique and intimate dining experience for those seeking high-quality Japanese cuisine in London. The focus on seasonal ingredients and personalized service make Roji a must-visit for foodies and sushi lovers.